Food Photography
The challenge of photographing food is making it look good enough to eat. Capturing the gleam of a ripe tomato, or the myriad textures of a plated dish takes a certain skill and knowledge. As experienced food photographic directors, the Fine Line design team specialises in working with the region’s best photographers and food stylists to produce high quality food images prepared according to the client’s specifications and culturally important culinary requirements.

UHT Milk
Client - Almarai
Market - Pan Gulf

Directed and managed shot for launch of redesigned Full Fat & Low Fat UHT Milk.

Strawberry Cheesecake
Client - McVities (branded as Tesco Finest)
Market - UK

Directed and managed shot for range of fruit topped frozen cheesecakes.

Penne & Meatballs
Client - Premier Foods (branded as Marks & Spencer)
Market - UK

Directed and managed shot for range of Italian rustic ready-meals.